1. Create your Signature Copperhead Cocktail using at least 35ml of Copperhead Gin (Copperhead Gin, Black Batch, The Gibson Edition).
  2. Enter your details on www.thealchemistexperience.com along with the recipe for your Signature Copperhead Cocktail.
  3. Remember that you cannot use more than 5 ingredients. You have to subscribe before the 21th of May 2018!
  4. You will be required to actively promote your Signature Copperhead Cocktail on Social Media, and in your venue throughout May and June 2018.

Rules and requirement are as follows:

  • Open to all bartenders of all nationalities who currently work in one of the 10 countries mentioned below.
  • A medium / high level of spoken English is essential as all national finals and the international final on The Ark will be conducted in English
  • All participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Participation is limited to people who are currently employed as bartenders in an establishment that is currently in operation.
  • Participants must not be working for a brand of gin, such as being an ambassador or consultant or have related paid work with other brands of gin.
  • Copperhead Gin and any of its importers worldwide have the rights to use recipes, photos and videos of the participants in their brand communication.
  • All participants will present one signature cocktail along with their contact information by subscribing on www.thealchemistexperience.com
  • Recipe must be complete and communicated correctly or your entry will be deemed invalid and will be automatically cancelled.
  • You and your cocktail presentation will be judged on the following criteria as well as your knowledge/inspiration taken from the Copperhead Gin brand:
    1. Brand knowledge 20
    2. In-venue promotion 15
    3. Social Media promotion 15
    4. Presentation 20
    5. Taste 30
  • Successful applicants will receive one announced visit, and the judges will advise of their visit one week in advance. There may also be unannounced visits.
  • Your Signature Copperhead Cocktail should be actively promoted in your venue during the judging period (23rd May – 25th June 2018). Failure to do this will result in disqualification.
  • The maximum number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients is limited to 5, including syrups, fruit juices, dashes of bitters, etc.
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks are allowed.
  • The recipe must be an original creation of the participant and must be expressed in ml. Smaller amounts are to be expressed by dashes or drops.
  • Homemade ingredients are permitted but they must be easy to replicate in events or locations that are not specialised in high comlexity cocktails.
  • 10 bartenders will participate in the international final on https://www.theark.cruises/en. There will be one finalist from each of the following countries:
    • Belgium/Luxembourg
    • The Netherlands
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • United Kingdom
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Hong Kong
    • Singapore